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3M Controltac Print Films to Make Commercial Interior Remodels Easy

Starting a commercial business is expensive. One of the biggest expenses to get them up and going is the construction of the physical location. New paint, flooring, and signage add up quickly.  Thankfully there are window film solutions out there to cut down on the costs of commercial construction in Kansas City. This helps investors […]

3 Ways to Address Kansas City Commercial Property Code with Window Film

It’s not uncommon for buildings to fall behind with commercial property code standards. Building codes are always changing and adding new requirements. So if a property was built five or ten years ago, chances are, it’s not up to date with current standards. Fortunately, there are a lot of easy and affordable ways you can […]

The Benefits of Anti-Graffiti Window Film for Kansas City Commercial Properties

There are many good reasons to invest in a reliable security system for your property. Keeping your building secure will protect it from break-ins, smash-and-grabs, and violence incidents. But even the best security technology in the world isn’t enough to stop vandalism.

3 Reasons Window Film Is a Smart Solution for your Kansas City Hotel

reasons hotel window film kansas city

Each day, hundreds of individuals travel to Kansas City. Some simply pass through on their way to somewhere else, while others stay for a few days for work or pleasure. All are looking for a good night’s rest, and quality accommodations. They scope out online reviews and social media, looking for the place that will […]

Save On Energy Costs This Summer with Window Film for Kansas City Offices

It’s easy for offices to absorb heat. Hundreds, if not thousands, of square feet of glass line office exteriors, all of which heats up very quickly in the sun. During the summer, these high rises can turn into literal ovens and retain huge volumes of heat. And a hot office is good for no one. […]

Benefits of Designing Door Logos using Decorative Window Film for Kansas City Businesses

door logos kansas city decorative window film

Every business needs a front door logo, from Kansas City retail stores to office buildings. Without a door logo, it’s hard for customers to identify which office is yours. And your logo is an important part of your brand. So why not display it proudly on your front door. There are more ways than one […]

3 Reasons You Should Consider Elevator Restoration for Kansas City Offices

elevagtor restoration kansas city

You want your business to look as professional as possible. Staying on top of landscaping, regular building maintenance, and giving it a little bit of TLC can keep things looking great most of the time. But casual acts of vandalism can damage things quickly and if left unaddressed, they start to build up until your […]

How Kansas City Restaurants Can Benefit from 3M Window Film

How Kansas City Restaurants Can Benefit from 3M Window Film

Kansas City restaurants understand the fierce competition that’s found among the culinary scene. With so many different dining establishments that diners can choose from, finding solutions that improve guest experience can drive revenue and increase repeat guests. With so many different visual marketing tools, energy efficiency solutions, and various ways that can make your restaurant […]

Bomb Blast Window Film Applications and Benefits For Kansas City Businesses

bomb blast window film kansas city

When it comes to the safety of your business and employees, you can’t afford to take chances. Making sure that your building is safe and secure is important for protecting your property from the dangers of the outside world. The world is full of violence and the cold reality is that terrorist attacks and explosions […]

The Importance of Security Film for Kansas City Stadiums, Arenas, and Public Spaces


From Arrowhead Stadium and Sprint Center to Kauffman Stadium and the Kansas City Convention Center, Kansas City is home to all kinds of large public venues for sports, concerts, and more. Unfortunately, such venues can be vulnerable to everything from intruders to weather elements. For these reasons, applying security film can protect Kansas City stadiums […]