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Types of Graffiti Restoration Films for Kansas City

Every commercial building owner in Kansas City can agree that graffiti is bad for business.Ā  Whether it is inside your building or outside, it looks awful and takes away business.Ā  Even worse, it is very expensive to have graffiti removed from any surface.Ā  An alternative to graffiti removal in Kansas City commercial spaces is anti-graffiti […]

Mirrored Surface Film in Restaurants For an Inexpensive Fix to Mirror GraffitiĀ 

Salt Lake City is clean and with fairly low crime but like any thriving metropolis, graffiti is an issue here. Graffiti comes in many forms from spray paint to scratches and even acid marking. One of the most common types of graffiti is marks and scratches on mirrors in bathrooms specifically in Salt Lake City […]

The Benefits of Anti-Graffiti Window Film for Kansas City Commercial Properties

There are many good reasons to invest in a reliable security system for your property. Keeping your building secure will protect it from break-ins, smash-and-grabs, and violence incidents. But even the best security technology in the world isn’t enough to stop vandalism.

Protect Your KC Business from Vandalism with Graffiti Shield Window Films

Vandalism is something commercial locations here in Kansas City and across the US struggle with.Ā  Whether you own the building or are a tenant–you are affected when a graffiti attack occurs. Vandals are always on the lookout for spots Inside KC businesses and out to mark up. So, as a KC building owner, you need […]

3 Reasons You Should Consider Elevator Restoration for Kansas City Offices

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You want your business to look as professional as possible. Staying on top of landscaping, regular building maintenance, and giving it a little bit of TLC can keep things looking great most of the time. But casual acts of vandalism can damage things quickly and if left unaddressed, they start to build up until your […]

Metal Shield: Strong Protection Against Graffiti in Kansas City

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A Cost-Effective Solution To Elevator Graffiti In Kansas City If you own a commercial space with an elevator in it here in Ā Kansas City you have probably dealt with graffiti already and know the frustration and expense it causes. Ā If not, trust us, it does! It used to be that vandals targeted exterior building windows […]

Mirror Shield: Ā The Smart Alternative To Mirror Replacement In Kansas City

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Avoid Full Mirror Replacement After Vandalism With Mirror Shield Mirror Graffiti–is something you see in bathrooms in many…MANY Ā Kansas City restaurants, schools, malls, stadiums and government buildings. Ā It is ugly and it is all too common. Furthermore, it is impossible to remove without damaging a mirrorā€™s surface. Thatā€™s right, once a mirror is marked is […]

How Anti-Graffiti Films Keep Kansas City Beautiful

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Graffiti Prevention And Removal In Kansas City Graffiti is a country-wide problem for commercial and public spaces across the US our beloved Kansas City is no exception. There is no doubt that we live in a beautiful and relatively safe city that is wonderful for owning a business and raising a family. But like any […]

Anti-Graffiti film protects mirrors and metal

Anti-graffiti Films Offer Metal Repair and Mirror Repair From Tagging/Scratching Graffiti got you down? It can be a real pain for business owners in Kansas City, especially today when itā€™s no longer confined to spray paint. These days, graffiti ā€œartistsā€ scratch their messages into surfaces with a variety of implements, or even burn them in […]