Added comfort for your guests.

With the addition of hotel window film, Kansas City hotels, motels, resorts, bed and breakfasts, and inns can offer their guests a bit more comfort and save money at the same time. And as everyone in the hospitality industry knows, comfort is king. It’s what will keep your guests coming back time and time again, and it’s what will have them talking your establishment up to their friends and family.

Perhaps you cannot imagine how hotel window film can add to a guest’s comfort and save you, the hotelier, money. After all, most of the things that make guests more comfortable wind up costing you money. But with energy saving hotel window film, Kansas City hotel guests will find their rooms more comfortable in a variety of different ways:

1. Energy saving or energy efficiency window film cuts glare. This means your guests can enjoy the view, not have to draw those heavy curtains that make hotel rooms so dark and claustrophobic, and still be able to see their TV screens, their laptop screens, their tablet and phone screens without squinting and swearing.

Window Film Kansas City hotel film

2. With hotel window film in Kansas City hotels, even during the summer, even when the air conditioning has been off, a guest can check into a room in greater comfort. And when he does turn on the AC, the room will cool off that much quicker, because it was never so hot in the first place. How does that work? The energy efficiency window film blocks a substantial portion of the sun’s heat gain, so even with the sun beating on the windows of that room, it will not get anywhere near as hot as it did before.

3. With the exact same kind of hotel window film, Kansas City hotel guests may also find themselves more comfortable in their rooms in the dead of winter. That’s because the energy saving window film prevents the heat from escaping out the windows. It keeps the whole room cozier, with less output from that noisy in-room heater.

Now, you might be thinking, “that’s fine for my guests, but I don’t see how it saves me any money.” Here’s the deal. After the installation of hotel window film, Kansas City hoteliers report that they are saving on both heating and cooling costs. After all, if the room does not heat up so much in the summer, and much less air conditioning is required to cool it off, then you save money. And if less heat is required to make a room a comfortable temperature in the winter, again you save money. Significant amounts, by the way!

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