Protect your business

Is protecting your business from theft, vandalism, or other types of crime of more than a passing interest to you? If so, we suspect that you already have a security system installed. But we’d like to suggest an add-on to that system: loss prevention window film.

A recent Kansas City loss prevention window film customer told us a hair-raising story. He owned a high-end, custom jewelry store with a big plate glass window in the front. Prospective customers and passersby loved to ogle the gems through that big window. His security system was state of the art, his valuables were always placed in a safe each night after closing and before locking up. So if anyone tried to break in, the alarm would sound, the police would be notified, the would-be thief would be frightened away. But here’s what happened. He had closed and locked the shop one night, and was packing away the expensive jewelry in the safe, carefully carrying it into the back one tray at a time. Just like he did every night.

Oh, and by the way, his state-of-the-art security did not include any loss prevention window film.

While he was in the back, a thief, who must have staked out the place, threw a brick through his window. With the alarm blaring, the criminal dashed into the store, grabbed one tray of diamond bracelets, and was gone before our customer could even grasp what had happened. This was a classic “smash and grab.” Although the police arrived moments later, it was too late.


Here is how it might have gone down instead after the installation of security or loss prevention window film. We’d start with the exact same scenario: the jewelry store owner locking away his valuables for the night. He’s in the back room. The thief comes by. Sees the store unattended. He picks up the loose brick and tosses it at the big plate glass window. The one with the cutting edge, high-performance loss prevention window film already installed.

The brick bounces off the glass, instead of shattering it. The thief picks it up again and with more force, he tries to break the glass. But the glass simply does not break!

Too bad, thief. No smash and grab for you. No loss, no upset, no insurance claim for the jewelry store owner. No mess of shattered glass all over the place to clean up. No expensive new window to install. No time lost while the business had to close, waiting for the new window installation.

If you would like to see this kind of loss prevention window film in action, take a look at this astounding Llumar window film video on YouTube:

It shows a man beating a window installed with loss prevention window film with a bat. No cracking. No chipping. No shattering! If this is something you believe would be an advantage to your business, please contact us today.