Protect your retail business


Why install window film, Kansas City businesses? If you own any sort of retail business in Kansas City or the surrounding suburbs, chances are your business has a security system and probably alarms. The problem with today’s security systems, though, is that a determined vandal or thief can still cause a lot of damage by smashing the plate glass windows in the front of your shop and snatching anything in sight before the police show up. This is what’s known as a smash and grab.

With security or loss prevention retail window film, Kansas City businesses can thwart smash and grab style thieves and prevent anyone from breaking in through their windows. This heavy duty product contains a polyester mesh, nearly imperceptible once installed, that will either prevent the window from shattering, or will hold the glass in place in the frame if it does. The difference is in the type and thickness (and price) of the security window film you have installed.

With the heaviest, top quality loss prevention window film, Kansas City vandals could take a brick or a bat to your windows but they would not shatter. How’s that for security?

If you would like to see a demonstration of the product, please take a look at this astonishing YouTube video showing a man taking a baseball bat to a pane of glass that has been fortified with loss prevention window film by one of our main suppliers, Llumar.


If security is not on your mind, perhaps advertising and bringing in more customers to your retail business is. We also sell decorative window films that can be customized, so you can use those same plate glass windows to give any message you like to passersby. Whether you want to tell them your business is opening soon, having a sale, or under new management, we can customize a decorative window film for Kansas City retail businesses. Decorative films are also good for adding an instant décor upgrade to any glass window, door, partition, skylight, or glass wall.

Is your Kansas City retail shop in a location where graffiti is rampant? This is a problem in cities across the country. And nothing will make your beautiful, well maintained retail establishment look tackier and sadder than a graffiti attack. With anti-graffiti window film, Kansas City shop owners have an instant and affordable solution. If the windows are graffitied, the film can be easily removed, taking the graffiti with it. Then a fresh film can be applied.

For more information about window film, Kansas City or any of the surrounding areas, why not give us a call today, or use our convenient online contact form to receive a quote for a window film project?