3 Reasons Window Film Is a Smart Solution for your Kansas City Hotel

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Each day, hundreds of individuals travel to Kansas City. Some simply pass through on their way to somewhere else, while others stay for a few days for work or pleasure. All are looking for a good night’s rest, and quality accommodations. They scope out online reviews and social media, looking for the place that will provide them with the best deal and the best experience.

If you’re a hotel, getting travels to choose your place over your competitors is key. But how do you do that, especially when there are so many other businesses you have to compete against? Install window film for your Kansas City hotel.

We know, it’s probably not the answer you were expecting to hear. But, trust us, it works. Here are a few reasons why your hotel should invest in window film this year.

hotel window film kansas city

Three Reasons to Invest in Window Film for your Hotel

We’re not going to lie. There are some upfront costs involved with installing window film for your hotel. But it’s an investment that’s well worth every penny. Here’s three reasons why.

1. Window Film Pays for Itself

Upgrading your windows might require a small investment to start with, but eventually it pays for itself. The average ROI for energy saving tint is three to five years. On average, film lasts for 10 years or longer. So after that five year mark when the film is all paid off, you still have at least five more years left of energy savings.

2. You’ll Earn More Business

You know that afternoon sun that hits your windows? It turns your hotel into an oven and guests don’t like that. Once you install window tint, your guest rooms will become much more comfortable. That means better reviews and more word-of-mouth referrals and return business.

3. You’re Protecting Your Future

Ever wondered what would happen if your hotel was broken into? You don’t want to find out. Dealing with insurance companies is a hassle. And some of the costs might not be covered. Furthermore, your reputation could be ruined forever. Security tinting protects hotels from forced entry, preventing these stressful situations from happening.

Upgrade Your Windows Today

Rise above the competition and succeed in the hospitality industry. Call Window Film Kansas City today to get more information on hotel window film.