Stop Bird Collisions In Kansas City Properties With Window Film

Birds colliding with windows on high rise buildings and homes here in the KC area are common. When these sad accidents occur they result in the loss of bird lives– over a billion birds each year. These run-ins are more than just harmful to birds–they are affecting the environment too. These lost avian lives are drastically diminishing the bird populations across the US. They cost business and homeowners money too when they break or crack windows. Sometimes resulting in lengthy, difficult repairs. Here in the Kansas City area, building owners, managers, and homeowners bear the burden of mitigating damage from bird strikes. As it happens there are different avenues for decreasing these horrible run-ins. But the most effective method is with bird strike window films. These window films work better than other mitigation measures such as netting, decals, and even lighting reduction. Once these films are installed, bird strikes are greatly reduced, if not completely stopped.

How Bird Collision Window Films work

When birds crash into windows, it is due to a case of mistaken identity. Birds see windows as the open sky rather than solid objects due to the reflection on the glass of the windows. Also, since they can see objects behind the glass. In order to make windows appear like a solid object utilizing bird strike, window film is essential. The way these films work is through a grid-like pattern of small dots embedded on the film. The pattern is laid out so that the bird will not try to fly through the spaces in the dots. This means birds see the pattern as something like a fence or net and fly around the windows rather than try to fly through it. This saves the lives of the birds and keeps the window of your Kansas City building free from being broken. Avoiding these collisions also saves you money and the time of repairs. Another fantastic thing about bird strike window film is it comes with several of the same benefits as regular window film: UV-blocking, insulation, and glare reduction.

Window film Kansas City: The area’s fritted film experts

We get many homes and businesses coming to us to understand how they can keep birds from flying into windows. We install thousands of feet of these films every year and are the area’s bird strike window film expert. We can help your building choose the film that is best for you and the birds. Contact us to get a free on-site estimate and start saving money on repairs and sparing the lives of birds today!