Window Film Kansas City installs the highest quality window films in the industry, thats why we are proud to install Eastman window films.

Solutia is known for using chemistry to make products that are more durable, energy efficient, as well as reliable. One of their area of expertise is making windows and glass function more efficiently. Solutia Performance Films is now known as Eastman window films. solutia-eastman-dallas-window-film Kansas City

In order to offer a wide variety of window films to our customers, Window Film Kansas City works directly with Eastman window films. Vista Window Film, Enerlogic Window Film, and Llumar Window Film are all included in under Eastman. If you need help figuring out which window film will work best for your application, our experts can help.

By working with Solutia Window Film Kansas City is able to install the highest quality window films to you. If your interested in protecting your floors and furniture from the fading effects of the sun then Vista window film is for you. Enerlogic window film is the top choice when it comes to energy saving window film. If you are looking for security, privacy, or decorative window film, Llumar makes the perfect solution. This film has even been installed in Buckingham Palace and the Vatican.