3 Unexpected Benefits Of Window Film For Your Kansas City Home

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Window Tinting For Your Kansas City Home

A lot of folks come to us at Window Film Kansas City with the inclination that they may need window tint for their home but just are not quite sure. It is usually in response to one issue they are having, stemming from their windows, too much sun or high energy bills and they are generally prepared to solve that issue with our products and services.  However, what most people don’t realize when they begin talking to us, and what usually puts them over the edge in their decision-making process is–window films and tints, more often than not, pull double, triple or even quadruple duty in regards to the benefits they provide.  We of course already knew this to be true but more and more of our Kansas City clients are giving us feedback about all the great features and benefits window film has provided for their Kansas City home. Here are just a few of the “fringe” benefits homeowners who have our window tinting products installed experience and just can’t stop raving to us about!

The Added Benefits Of Window Film For Your Kansas City Home

Window Tint Lowers The Likelihood Of Break-Ins

There are more than two million home break-ins each year in the United States. Most of these are crimes of opportunity.  Tinted windows are harder to see through, so would-be burglars won’t be able to determine if someone is home or see valuables clearly, so they are more likely to pass over your Kansas City home.

Window Tint Increases Curb Appeal

Tinted film helps your windows stand out from the houses around you. Also, window film is available in a variety of styles and patterns that you can use to give your glass a frosted, etched, or patterned look. The best part is tinted windows add value to your home, and might even allow you to sell it faster and for a better price should you ever decide to put in on the market.

Window Tints Protects Against Storms And Natural Disasters

During a storm, your home’s windows are threatened by breakage from high winds, flying debris, or even hail.  In Kansas, tornados are especially likely, and windows can be extremely dangerous to be around during a tornado.  You can’t control the weather but you can provide additional protection for your home’s windows simply by having them tinted.  Should impact occur, window film holds glass together and keep them from shattering and hurting your family.

As you can see window film is more beneficial than meets the eye!  Contact Window Film Kansas City for a free consultation and start reaping all the rewards of window tinting today!

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