Does Window Tinting Darken My Kansas City Windows

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Window Film For Your Kansas City Home

At Window Film Kansas City, we frequently are asked the question “Will window film darken my window?” Our answer is a mix of yes and no. But rather than confuse you, allow us to explain.

In all reality, the opacity, reflectivity, and darkness of your home windows will be determined by the type of window tint you choose. That is because in the very large world of window tinting there is not a one size solution. The functionality and appearance of window tints vary greatly with one common factor being– any tint you buy should provide UV protection, heat rejection, glare control and a measure of security. However, the amount tint provides each of those will change based on the quality and price level of the film. Like many items, there is a vast range of quality levels from good to best and everything in between. For this blog, let’s look at three levels: good, better and best.

Window Tint Darkness Explained

Good: An average “good” window film is a metallized/dual-reflective film. It is made up of minuscule pieces of metal which reflect heat and glare like a mirror. This type of window film is highly efficient and helps to reduce heat and glare. This is what in turn lowers your utility bills. This film is very effective but results in a mirrored look that in our experience, most folks don’t like for their home.
Better: The next level of window film and probably the most common is a dyed, pigmented or hybrid window film. This type of window tint blends together dyes and pigments which absorb the sun’s heat and UV rays. It is the extremely popular because of its reduced reflectivity natural look from inside the home and out.
Best: Premium window film is made from ceramic and fine metals. You may not know this but ceramic is one of the most durable and heat-absorbent materials of today. Since its properties are superior to metalized window films, using premium films result in unparalleled clarity and actually an enhancement of your view.

Kansas City’s Window Film Experts

This overview of each level of a film is by no means contains 100% of the knowledge you need to make a decision because there is quite a lot to something as seemingly simple as window tint. The best way to go about understanding the wide variety of window films available on the market today is by speaking with a professional like Window Film Kansas City. Our ten years of experience and our vast amount of window tint knowledge makes us one of Kansas’s expert window tint installers. To learn more about our products and schedule a free, on-site consultation, contact us today!