Radiation Blocking Window Film Prevents EMFs and RFs from Entering Your Kansas City Home or Building

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As technology use has increased in the last couple decades, some concern has been raised over the effects of radio frequency and electric and magnetic field exposure on human health. Although there is no hard evidence for determining exactly how EMFs and RFs affect our bodies, some individuals report experiencing sensitivity to the electric currents. In an effort to combat these negative affects, some Kansas City residents have turned to radiation blocking window film.

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What Does EMF/RF Sensitivity Mean?

For someone that has sensitivity to EMFs and RFs, being exposed to them on a constant basis may result in symptoms such as nausea, headaches, difficulty sleeping, and hyperactivity. This sensitivity interferes with their daily activities and can be difficult to cope with unless something is done to control the invasion.

Radiation Blocking Window Film

The good news is that there are actually a variety of window film products that are designed to block out EMFs and RFs. One that we work with frequently is ScotchTint by 3M, which blocks out 90-95% of EMF/RF radiation. Not only is ScotchTint effective in controlling electrical currents, but it also has the benefit of being an energy efficient film as well.

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Health Effects of EMF/RF Exposure

No one as of yet has been able to figure out exactly how EMFs and RFs affect us, but there have been suspicions that long-term exposure can result in serious illness. Some scientists have suspected that these electric currents have resulted in leukemia in children as well as other cancers. Others firmly believe that even if we are affected by these electric frequencies emitted by our cell phones, radio transmissions, computers, and other electronics, the effects are likely minimal.

Window Film Kansas City Offers Radiation Blocking Window Film

If you are concerned about the effects of EMF/RF exposure or believe that you suffer from sensitivity to these electric currents, then installing radiation blocking window film for your Kansas City home or office may be a viable solution. Contact Window Film Kansas City today to learn more about our radiation blocking films or schedule an appointment for installation.