Simple Ways to Maximize Light In Your Kansas City Home with Residential Window Film

kansas city residential window film

There’s no better feeling than opening up the windows and letting the sunlight pour into your home on a beautiful spring or summer day. Natural light is important for the aesthetics of your home and also can help trim down your utility bill by reducing your reliance on ceiling lights and lamps. By installing residential window film for your Kansas City home, you can maximize the amount of natural light in your home. Here’s how.

How to Increase Natural Light with Residential Window Film

Increase the amount of natural light in your home in Kansas City with residential window film. Follow these simple tips to get started.

Replace curtains with frosted film.
Sure, curtains look pretty, but they also block light. Exchange the curtains in your bathroom or kitchen with frosted film to increase natural brightness. You’ll love the elegant effect it creates.

Stick with clear or neutral shades
Window films that have high levels of pigmentation tend to block a lot of light. Instead of installing a dark window film, opt for a clear or neutral shade. These films will provide the same heat blocking benefits without reducing brightness.

Use security window film in place of screens and bars.
It’s totally reasonable for you to want some extra security for your home. In fact, we encourage it. But there’s a better option than steel bars and metal security screens. Install security window film to get the safety you need without blocking light or altering aesthetics.

Opt for a reputable brand of window film.
If you really want to get good results with your window film, it’s important to choose a reputable brand. Cheap, knock off brands may save you a little money, but they’ll do so at the price of ruining aesthetics. Trustworthy brands we recommend for homes in Kansas City include 3M Window Film, Vista Window Film, and Llumar.

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