Protect Your Family & Kansas City Home With Window Tint


Window Tint For Your Home’s Biggest Assets

Probably one of the most under-rated and least expensive home improvements is window tinting. First of all, if you are like a lot of people, you may not realize that window tint is not just for cars anymore. These days the tinting industry has turned its eyes to protecting and improving your biggest assets: your home and your health. That’s right, window tinting on your home has far reaching effects beyond simply shielding your eyes from the sun. Some of these include:

Cutting Your Energy Costs: Did you know up to 50% of your utility bill is wasted on heat loss or gain through untreated windows? That’s right, a whopping half of the money you spend each month is on preventable seepage. Just the simple, low-cost addition of window tint on your home can add up to BIG savings on energy bills.

Reducing Heat and Glare: Kansas City is a beautiful place to live, so enjoy the view and stop keeping the blinds down to ward off unwanted glare. Add Window Tint to your home’s window to reduce the sun’s glare by 87%. No more hot and cold spots or dark, dreary days with the shades pulled.

Protection From UV Rays: UV rays are the harmful rays of the sun that damage furniture, rugs, wood floors and most importantly–your skin. Home window tinting blocks up to 99.9% of these rays. This means your belongings and family are protected from cancer-causing glares and still able to enjoy the numerous benefits of natural light.

Kansas City’s Window Tint Expert: Kansas City Window Film

The reasons for installing window tint on your Kansas City Home are numerous and the process is actually quite quick and relatively inexpensive. Additionally, with the money you save on utility bills, window tinting pays for itself in as little as 5 years. If you are looking for this year’s first home improvement, consider window tinting by Kansas City Window Film for the best ROI. If you would like more details or for a free consultation, contact us today. We are the area’s leading window tint installer and you will quickly see the difference experience and a commitment to customer service make with a time-tested, A+ rated, contractor like us!

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