Is Window Tinting Safe For The Windows On My KC Home?

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Answers For Kansas City Homeowners Considering Tinting For Their Home

At Window Film Kansas City, we oftentimes find ourselves fielding questions about window tinting: the way it looks, how much it costs and how effective it is. After a decade in the window tinting business, it makes sense that we have pretty much heard it all when it comes to tinting questions and that is fine by us. We enjoy fielding questions and are always happy to answer and aid smart shoppers, like you, in the Kansas City/Metro area, make sound decisions about whether to put window tint on your Kansas home and the best type of tint for your specific needs. One of the questions we hear frequently is–”Is window tinting safe for the glass on my home’s windows?” and our answer is an enthusiastic– “Absolutely!”

Why Window Tint Will Not Damage Your Kansas City Home’s Windows

To begin with, solar window tinting is specifically and scientifically designed to protect glass windows- not ruin them. The research and development on this evolving technology are exhaustive and, over the years, myriads of hours have been put in by material scientists to make sure today’s tinting products work in coordination with the glass in the windows on the market today. Additionally, window tint is applied with a water-based adhesive, which means it won’t leave behind any marks, residue or damage your glass’s surface. Should you choose to remove your tint, it can be easily uninstalled by a professional in a process that takes a couple of hours to a full day. Once the tint is gone, your windows will look precisely the same as before you had tint applied.

Kansas City’s Window Tint Expert

When it comes to, window tinting the film itself is not what has the potential to damage your glass. When damage occurs, it is usually at the hands of the installer. This is why the most important window tinting decision you make is who to hire to install your tint. Hiring a seasoned and skilled professional will help keep your glass from damage and will also guarantee the tint applied to your window stays looking good for years to come. We know first hand because we have seen it numerous times, that improperly installed window tint can peel, crack or chip in a short amount of time and leave your home exposed to the sun and looking ugly. At Window Film Kansas City we have the years of experience and the skilled installers to get the job done right. We also have a steadfast commitment to customer service. In fact, we encourage questions and are always happy to answer them. We want you to have all the information possible to make a smart decision about solar window tint. Contact us today for any questions on products or pricing and to schedule a free consultation for your home!