Reduce Your Energy Bills and Increase Comfort In Your  KC Home By Installing Window Film 

As you well know from all the information out there at this point–window film saves you money!  The fact of the matter is here in Kansas we have four distinct and sometimes brutal season. While springs and fall are not as bad–summer and winter are tough. Which is why window film, which saves you money all year round works so well here in the Kansas City area.  When you run the heat and the A/C constantly in these extreme seasons you are quite literally throwing money out your untreated windows. In fact, studies show. “Window film has the potential to reduce energy consumption (through reduction of heat build-up and cooling costs)   by up to 30 percent! It is shown to be more effective than adding insulation, air conditioning equipment, replacing heating equipment and even air Sealing. This is in large part due to its low cost and fast ROI. But there is something more distinguishable that window film does for Kansas City homes throughout a year of bitter hots and biting colds.  Which is–make homes more comfortable.

How Window Film Improves Comfort In KC Homes

When your windows lack the insulation that window film provides–heat and cold leak out.  This proves not only very expensive but very uncomfortable too. You are left with anywhere from one to all three of the following uncomfortable situations

  1. Rooms that are cold from drafts: People put plastic over their windows in the winter for a reason–even a thin layer over glass works wonders against chilly drafts.  How much more effective then is a layer of window film which is engineered to be significantly more powerful? In fact, window film gives the same draft protection as double and even triple-paned glass.
  2. Rooms that are hot from solar heat gain: The sun in the summer in Kansas City is intense.  With virtually nothing to stop the rays of the sun out here on the prairie, it bakes our homes for months.   When the sun beats down on the windows of your home, it superheats the air inside your home around windows–increasing the interior temperatures incredibly.  Window films and tints work to reflect or absorb that solar heat and gain so heat will not transfer to your living space–making things more comfortable.
  3. Rooms with hot and cold spots:  This is a phenomenon that happens in both winter and summer when windows are not treated with window film.  Essentially what is happening is, the air you pay to heat or cool enters the room as a draft from your furnace or air conditioner. When it mingles with the heat or cold radiating from the glass on your windows, hot or cold spots begin to form in living spaces based on how the two mix.  This means, no matter what you set your heat or A/C too, those hot and cold spots will remain. Since window film stops the mismatched temperatures at their sources, the windows, it eliminates and co-mingling and therefore hot and cold spots.

For more information on how to make your home more energy-efficient, save money AND have a more comfortable home–contact us at Window Film Kansas City today!