How Window Film Works To Protect Your KC Home Furnishings From Fading

how window film blocks UV rays kansas city

Why Your Kansas City Home Furnishings Need Protection From UV Rays

As Spring blooms and summer fast approaches it is hard to imagine anyone not absolutely loving the warm rays of the sun shining through their windows after a long, cold winter here in Kansas City.  However, as good as it feels, we all know that the lovely sun pouring through your home windows has a pretty significant downside, namely the harmful UV rays. It is pretty well known that UV rays are bad for human skin and, what you may not know is, it is also horrible for nearly every item, big and small in your Kansas City home.  That’s right, UV rays cause furniture, flooring, upholstery, and artwork to drastically fade and deteriorate in short order. But, just like there is sunblock for your skin, there is “sunblock” for your home too in the form of–window tinting.

How Window Film Works To Protect Your Kansas City Home Furnishings From The Sun

Fading, discoloration and eventually the breakdown of the wood, fabric, or paint itself are all the direct result of sunlight taking a toll on your home furnishings.   The three main things that work to destroy the home furnishings and accessories you love–UVA rays, UVB rays, and infrared radiation. It is important to note, that even when it is overcast UV rays are present and harmful.  Which is why you need protection from the sun that works 24/7 and window film is really the only viable the answer because it blocks 99.9% of rays and radiation, whereas Low-E windows only block about 85%. This is because those windows are meant to keep heat in–not sun out.  The best part about using a quality window film like Vista, 3M or Llumar, to reject 99.9 percent of the sun’s harmful rays and protect your furnishings is– there is no sacrifice of your view. In fact, window film notably improves view because it all but eliminates glare that would normally make keeping the curtains open impossible.

Don’t let the sun wreak havoc on you this spring and summer, contact us at, Window Film Kansas City for a free consultation and to find out just how easy and cost-effective