Who needs window film?
Installing window film can help maintain a more comfortable temperature in your space and protect floors, furniture, and expensive art work from fading in the suns UV rays.

Do I need to install window film if I already have drapes or blinds?
Even if you have blinds, curtains, or drapes, you can benefit from installing window film. Window film can prevent these from fading the sun and looking old or dirty.

Does all window film have a dark tint?
Most window films are clear and offer the same benefits without the need for dark tints. Since you won’t need drapes or blinds, your homes interior could end up with more light.

Can window film reduce the amount of heat from the sun inside my home?
Vista window film can reduce about 75% of the heat from the sun making your home much more comfortable.

Can window film help with the glare from my windows?
Window film can help reduce glare on computers and TV’s, so there won’t be a need to pull the blinds during the middle or the day.

What happens to my window film if a window breaks?
Broken glass in most cases shatters, leaving glass debris everywhere. Window film holds these glass particles together and keeps your window in tact.

Can you install window film on windows with non traditional shapes?
Vista window film can be installed on any flat surface.

How long will window film last?
Professionally installed window film comes with a lifetime warranty. Your window film will be covered from cracking, peeling, and faulty adhesives. (Contact a Vista Window Film authorized dealer for the restrictions and limitations that apply.)