A great addition to your existing security system.

If you are conscious about your home’s security (and who isn’t, these days?), you will want to hear this. Security window film can protect your home’s windows from shattering during attempted break-ins.

Many Kansas City neighborhoods have seen burglaries, home invasions, and plain old vandalism. You might already have a security system. Every door and window might be alarmed. Security window film provides a great supplement to an alarm system, because let’s face it: the windows are always the weakest link. Alarmed or not, a brick, a boot, or a bat can easily smash through one. And while the alarm might (or might not) scare off your would be burglar, he can still gain entry if he’s determined.

And whether the criminal enters or not, you’ll still be faced with an awful and potentially dangerous mess of glass shards to clean up. If you have ever shattered a window, you know that you can be plucking sharp, cutting shards of glass out of the carpet for weeks to come, no matter how thoroughly you vacuum. Luckily, there is a solution that will prevent this situation from ever happening.

security-window-film-300x230 kansas city

This is where security window film comes in. This cutting-edge and affordable product is applied to the inside of your windows. It consists of some kind of uber-strong polyester mesh that bonds invisibly to the windows’ glass. Once applied, it needs absolutely no maintenance, and will last for years. And if the window is attacked, the glass might still shatter, but it will shatter in place. Not all over the ground and your floors.

The security window film holds the glass in place, denying the vandal any satisfaction and denying the burglar entry. Take that, criminals! The weak link in a security system – your windowpanes – is weak no longer.

There is more than one type of security film on the market. Depending on your situation, one or another might be of the most benefit to you. Why not give Window Film Kansas City a call to discuss which type we would recommend for your needs? We can give you a quote, answer any questions, and set up a time to quickly and easily install your security window film.

Feel safe in your own home with security window film from Window Film Kansas City. And even if the only threat your home faces is a rogue softball from that nearby lot, you’ll never have to worry about your windows shattering again.