Protect your skin from UV rays

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Are you concerned about UV damage to your skin? Perhaps you wear sunblock when you’re going to be out in the sun, and dark high quality sunglasses. But what about when you are going to be driving in your car? With UV protection vehicle window film, you can protect your skin from long term damage that many people experience from spending so much time in their vehicles.

Many prospective clients are quite surprised to hear this. They assume that the window’s glass is blocking the UV rays, and their skin is adequately protected. After all, who has ever gotten a sunburn inside their vehicle? Other people assume that if their car or truck already has a window tint, then they are also being protected. But UV protection vehicle window film is a specialty product, designed to block 99 percent of the sun’s damaging ultra violet rays.

The fact is, UV damage is cumulative over time, and it is accrued right through the windows of one’s car. That would account for the fact that the occurrence of skin cancer is more prevalent on the left side of a driver’s face, than the right side. And of course, it’s the left side which is exposed to the sun as the driver is on the road.

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Here at Window Film Kansas City, we are proud to offer high performance vehicle window film from the innovative industry leader, Llumar. With a Llumar vehicle window film, you can block UV rays, block heat gain, or even protect your car’s beautiful finish from fading, dulling, and chipping over time. (These are three separate products.)

Wouldn’t you feel good knowing that your skin is protected from premature aging, wrinkles, sun spots, and perhaps even skin cancers? And how about your kids? They have many years of sun exposure ahead of them, don’t they? Why not start protecting their tender skin today, with this simple and affordable product? UV protection vehicle window tint is quickly applied, needs no maintenance or touch ups, and will add greatly to your peace of mind (and perhaps even to your continued good looks.”

The Skin Cancer Foundation endorses UV blocking vehicle window tints as a part of a comprehensive skin care program.

For more information about this important product, or to get a quote for a window tint job, we urge you to give us a call today. Or feel free to contact us and ask any questions through our convenient online web form.

Here at Window Film Kansas City, we want you to drive safe! That expression has now taken on new meaning with the news about the increasing incidence of skin cancers and the availability of this terrific product.