Security Window Tinting On Your Kansas City Office Building Gives Peace Of Mind

bullet proof vs bullet resistant glass

Why Window Tint Is A Great Security Solution

I sure by now, you have probably heard about all the amazing money saving benefits of window tinting.  Like most people we deal with you know window tint pays for itself in the form of lower utility bills for homes, offices and commercial buildings. You are probably also aware of its fast and high ROI too.  You may even understand how well it protects the people and furnishings of office buildings from the harmful UV rays of the sun. However, what you may not know, and what we would like to highlight here is the protection window tinting provides on levels both big and small for office buildings here in Kansas City.

Window Tint For Theft Protection For Your KC Office Building

Kansas City is much safer place than it was in the past but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take every precaution to keep your office building protected. When you have window tinting installed, the film that is applied actually gives your protection just by nature of being an added layer of material on the glass of your windows. Although the film won’t stop the glass from breaking, it will keep the glass stuck to the film instead of exploding.  In the case of a break in, this adherence delays a potential intruder or forces them to move on to an easier target.  At Window Film Kansas City, we offer varying levels of security film that are able to stop many calibers of bullets from penetration and also keep you and your tenants safe from bomb blast debris/penetration.

Window Tinting For Protection Against Natural Disasters

Kansas City is no stranger to extreme weather.  Here in KC we are smack dab in the middle of tornado alley and known in pop culture for having tornados massive enough to send Dorothy to Oz!  In all seriousness, the damage done by storms and other natural disasters can be utterly costly in money and human life.   As you are surely aware the windows of offices buildings are the most vulnerable to flying debris and high winds. Window tinting cannot stop your windows from cracking when hit by and object, but they can keep the object from penetrating and the glass in place after a high-velocity strike and make them more flexible and wind resistant.

Kansas City’s Safety Glass Experts

No matter why you are interested in safety glass for your office building, the first thing you need isРan experienced window film installer in the Kansas City area to outline your options and do a reliable, professional install. Window Film Kansas City has over a decade of experience help offices just like yours prepare for a variety of threats. Contact us today for a free on-site consultation with one of our security window film experts to keep your office investment safe and secure!