Window tinting offers many benefits for your Kansas City home.

Residential window tinting, Kansas City homeowners are discovering, might just be the answer to those heavy heating and cooling bills. If you’re interested in lowering your bills, we’ll tell you how energy efficiency window tint or window film can do just that.

First of all, the products we are talking about are different from the window tint you might have on your car windows. They basically darken the glass to cut glare. Our energy efficiency window films do much much more. They will actually block the heat gain caused by the sun beating down on the window in summer, and block heat loss through the glass all winter long. This has the effect of making your home more comfortable with less air conditioning or heating, and saves you big time. With residential window tinting, Kansas City residents can lower their carbon footprint and keep saving, year after year.

Oh, and by the way, once applied this product requires no maintenance, and will pay for itself with your energy savings in as little as three years.

But when it comes to residential window tinting, Kansas City homeowners have various different needs aside from just saving money on energy costs. And we have various different products to meet those needs. Here are a few of our top sellers:

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1. Security window film: this kind of residential window tinting Kansas City homeowners have deemed a “must have” as an add-on to their homes’ security systems, not to mention their own peace of mind. If someone tries to break into your home via the windows by smashing them, they will be denied entry. Depending on the type of security window film you choose, the windows simply will not smash at all, or if they do shatter, they will still be held firmly in place in the window frame, without any glass shards to clean up.

2. Privacy window film: this stuff is terrific in your entryway, in the sidelights or perhaps in your front door. It not only adds privacy to any window or glass door where you need it, it also can add a big boost of chic style, since it is made to look like frosted or etched glass, or even stained glass.

3. Decorative window film: this is the kind of residential window tinting Kansas City citizens are really going nuts for. It takes the whole privacy thing one step further, with great patterns, colors, and textures that can completely redo the look of a room for a very low investment.

As you can see, with residential window tinting, Kansas City residents can have many useful benefits from saving money to saving their peace of mind. For more information or a quote, please contact Window Film Kansas City today!