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What is Window Film?

Micro-thin layers of film bonded to glass along with high performance coatings, make up window film.

 Why would I install window film?

Some benefits of installing window film include energy efficiency, glare reduction, as well as UV fade protection.

Is installing window film going to be noisy and messy?

Many window film installations only take about 15 minutes and are finished without anyone even knowing they were applied.

Is window film expensive to install?

A majority of window films only cost $6-$20 per square foot after installation. This is only about 5-10% of the price of replacement windows, with specialty films like decorative or security films costing slightly more.

At $6-$20 dollars per square foot installed with specialty films costing a little more, most window films are very affordable. Window film compared to the cost of replacement windows is only about 5% to 10% of the cost. This makes window film a much more economical solution than replacement windows.

How much energy can I save by installing window film?

Some of the things that will go into determining your specific savings include your windows, climate, overhangs, home position, and your current energy rates. In general building usually see a 5%-15% energy bill reduction annually. Several home owners have reported about a 50% reduction on their summer air conditioning bills.

How big of a ROI will I see from installing window film?

Window film is only about 5%-10% the cost of replacement windows, with energy savings that is just as good as replacement windows. With rebates from utility companies there have been several window film projects that have shown a 33% ROI in under 3 years.

Is window film safe to install, or will it cause damage or leaking?

Eastman has spent millions on testing their products to make sure they won’t damage windows. In addition they provide a best practices product guide. When you include this with 20 years of experience in this industry you can be sure your windows are safe. Eastman has warranties against seal failure as well as glass breakage. (All you need to do is present your original warranty in case of a problem.)

Will window film make my home darker and force me to use more electricity for lighting?

Before installing window film shades and blinds were needed to keep the sun and light out. After installing window film there is no need for these which allows more light into your home. Window film comes in several shades of tint so you can decide what level of light is transmitted and still enjoy all the benefits of window film.

Are window films with high “luminous efficacy” the best for energy savings?

High luminous efficacy films, also known as Spectrally-Selective Films, are the best in several applications. However, high performance films are often better at reflecting solar heat than luminous efficacy. This means you won’t save as much money on your energy bills. Also films that transmit more light offer better glare reduction.

What have you done in your manufacturing process to call your products “Green”?

Eastman has implemented several energy saving measures in addition to complying with applicable air and water safety standards during the manufacturing process. This has helped reduce energy by almost 40% during the manufacturing process.

If I install window film will I receive a rebate from my utility company?

There are several rebates for both residential and commercial window film applications. Many of these rebates actually expired in 2010, however Window Film Kansas City can help you find rebates that apply to your window film project.

Will window film cause problems for my HVAC system?

Solar heat entering through windows makes up about 1/3 of a buildings cooling costs, according to the U.S. Department of Energy Statistics. Installing window film can cut this heat gain by 75% or higher which in turn allows your HVAC system to work at a lower energy rate. This means your energy costs could be reduced by 30%. This will put less wear on your system, require less maintenance, and your system will last much longer. If you would like more information, Window Film Kansas City can give you the information for several HVAC companies that can answer more detailed questions about your system.

How long will my window film last and what is covered under the warranty?

Commercial window film warranties are for 10-15 years. These warranties will completely replace the damaged window film, and this includes materials and labor. (Restrictions and limitations apply to warranties, this can be explained for each different film.)

If I install window film will that help me achieve LEED Certification or help with being labeled an Energy Star building?

Window film can help you with 9 LEED Certification points out of the 32 that are required for Silver LEED Certification. If you would like to learn more about LEED Certification, use this link
Vista window film also helps with Energy Star Labeling requirements. The LEEDs certifications have been changed because of regional differences, however Window Film Kansas City can show you exactly how many points you will receive.


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