XPEL window films offer Kansas City property owners a suite of innovative solutions for improving everyday life. From adding comfort and security to your home to optimizing the energy efficiency of your office, you can count on XPEL for all of your architectural needs. Explore creative solutions for your space such as XPEL antimicrobial film, surface protection film, security, solar, and decorative options, and more!

XPEL Residential Window Films

Get the most out of your home with XPEL residential window films. XPEL residential films reduce hot spots, control temperatures, heighten security and aesthetics, and more! XPEL window films make it easy to customize and protect your home.

xpel residential window film
xpel commercial window film

XPEL Commercial Window Films

XPEL commercial window films are suitable for all industries and can be used to address a variety of concerns in your commercial property from security to energy savings. Whether you’re the owner of a retail store, office, restaurant, hotel, or another type of business in Kansas City, there’s an XPEL window film for you.

XPEL VISION™ Solar Window Films

Protect your space from heat and UV rays. XPEL VISION solar films are available in neutral, clear, metallic, and exterior styles.

XPEL VISION™ Safety & Security Films

XPEL VISION safety and security films are the ideal solution for protecting your residential or commercial building. Choose between standard security film and anti-graffiti film to suit your needs.

XPEL VISION™ Decorative Films

Customize your space from top to bottom, inside to out with XPEL VISION decorative films. Explore stunning options like White Frost, Black Out, White Out, and more.

xpel vision window film kansas city
xpel surface protection film kansas city

XPEL RX™ Antimicrobial Film

Touch devices are becoming increasingly popular. XPEL RX Antimicrobial Films prevent scratching while also preventing the growth of microbes.


ULTIMATE PLUS™ & STEALTH™ PPF films are a smart solution for protecting the surfaces in your home or business. These scratch resistant films are available in both satin and high gloss finishes and can be applied to a variety of surfaces.

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