When you think of window tinting, most people think of pitch black tint on cars. The kind that is prone to peeling and bubbling over time. Window film for homes is completely different and you often won’t even know its installed unless someone mentions it to you.

Window film is bonded to glass on a molecular level so its not prone to bubbling or peeling. There are several different shades of film from completely clear to reflective with different levels of tint in between.


Window Film VS Kansas CityWindow film is available in several different styles for commercial applications. Some of those include energy saving, UV fade protection, bomb blast protection, security, and anti graffiti films. The shade of these films is relatively unimportant because of their functions.

When it comes to window film dark tints are rarely used. Since most people want to continue to enjoy the views from their window, clear window film is most common. In fact many homeowners can’t even tell window film is installed on their windows after installation.

Vista, Enerlogic, and Llumar window films have various window films and thats why Window Film Kansas City works with these brands. If you have questions about window film, our experts can help you find the perfect window film solution for your windows. In addition they can also help determine how much energy savings you will experience and what kind of ROI you will receive.

Our commercial and residential case studies can give you a better idea of what to expect from window film.

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