How long does it take to install window film in a home?

In today’s busy world, organizing a home improvement project for your KC home can be a daunting task. This is likely why we get so many questions about how long it takes for window film to be installed. Happily, window film is a quick and easy home improvement and usually done in just one day! That’s right it is a straight-up process that is no more intrusive than getting your windows clean. To better understand why having window film installed is so fast and easy–take a look at our window film installation process below.

How Window Film Is Installed

While installation methods may vary from installer to installer, our tried and true signature installation process is part of our incredible success. The first step in every window film installation is an onsite consultation. This helps us flush out exactly which film is best for your Kansas City home. This is also a time when we take precise measurements so that we can get your accurate pricing too. The next step is the installation itself. We cut all of our film in advance which is part of why our window film installation is so fast and seamless. This also reduces waste, contributing to our commitment to a green window film process. When we arrive we clean your windows and use a special adhesive to bond the film to your windows. Finally, we squeegee out any residual bonding agent and clean up your windows–looking for and fixing any defects or bubbles. The adhesive takes about 24 hours to set and takes about 30 days to fully cure before you begin cleaning. *Be sure to use a soft cloth and ammonia-free cleaners from this point forward.

To learn more about window film, how it is installed and which film may be right for your Kansas City home, reach out to us at Window Film Kansas City today