Metal Shield: Strong Protection Against Graffiti in Kansas City

Metal graffiti protection film kansas

A Cost-Effective Solution To Elevator Graffiti In Kansas City

If you own a commercial space with an elevator in it here in  Kansas City you have probably dealt with graffiti already and know the frustration and expense it causes.  If not, trust us, it does! It used to be that vandals targeted exterior building windows exclusively but now they seem to be moving to more and more areas, especially those that are hard to monitor is hard to monitor–like elevators.  This allows for the fruits of their destruction to stay longer too because when metal panels on an elevator are marked–it is expensive and difficult. Each and every affected metal panel must be removed, replaced and buffed/or to match the surrounding area. Making it also very expensive. However, the Graffiti Shield company is changing the game with their fairly recently launched line of products called Metal Shield that deal with elevator graffiti like never before.

Metal Shield: Protect Elevators From Graffiti Of Every Kind

As mentioned, elevators are incredibly difficult to monitor.  So, when someone makes your elevator a target to vandalize it is not hard for them to make it happen and they rarely hold back.  Slap stickers, acid graffiti, scratch graffiti and the good old fashioned spray paint or markers–elevators get marked in a variety of ways.  Traditionally the only way to deal with the problem of elevator graffiti has been to wait until your elevator is struck and then react to the damage.  However, Metal Shield puts the ball in your court first by providing a way for you to protect the metal surfaces in your elevator before or after an attack or after with Metal Shield  This 6-mil thick graffiti film is installed over an existing metal surface as a precautionary measure before vandals strike or as a remediation method for covering already defaced surfaces.  It replicates the metal panel ’s original, clean appearance and is cost-effectively removed and replaced should it be defaced again. The overlying concept is to obscure existing graffiti while, at the same time, providing protection against another attack- a win-win for commercial building owners here in KC.

Watch the video below for more information:

Window Film Kansas City For Your Elevator Graffiti Solution

Since elevator graffiti is so hard to avoid and remediate combat and results in a lot of downtime for repair, Metal Shield is the smart choice for  Kansas City commercial investors who want to take protection into their own hands. Let Window Film Kansas City help by contacting us for more information on Graffiti Shield products and begin combating vandalism on your own terms.