Protect Your KC Business from Vandalism with Graffiti Shield Window Films

Vandalism is something commercial locations here in Kansas City and across the US struggle with.  Whether you own the building or are a tenant–you are affected when a graffiti attack occurs. Vandals are always on the lookout for spots Inside KC businesses and out to mark up. So, as a KC building owner, you need to stay on step ahead and protect your building from being damaged by graffiti.  One way to prevent and remediate graffiti on nearly any flat surface is a film product called Graffiti Shield. 

The Type of Graffiti Damage Films Protect From

Graffiti Shield graffiti abatement films are powerful ways to protect and even remediate graffiti on three main surfaces: metal, mirror, and glass.  There are also custom graffiti solutions available.

  1. Protection From Elevator Graffiti:  For elevators and nearly any other commercial area with metal finishes, graffiti shield offers a Metal Shield.  This is a 4-6mm metal film that matches the finish of the metal and goes on top of affected panels. It can be applied before an attack to protect the surface from ever being harmed or it can be used to cover damage after an attack.  Metal film costs about 10x less than refinishing metal surfaces.
  2. Protection From Bathroom Graffiti:  Scratch and marker graffiti are prevalent in bathrooms.  It is usually on mirrors and stalls. Mirror shield is a way to cover even the deepest scratches on mirrors. A mirror is ruined once it is scratched since it can’t be sanded. Meaning you have to replace it rather than restore it.  Mirror shield is a workaround for this. It is a cost-effective way to cover graffiti on mirrors with a mirrored surface film. Custom shield products are an answer to bathroom stall graffiti.
  3. Protection From Graffiti on Glass Store Fronts:  Glass windows on Kansas City stores are hard to protect.  Sadly, nothing attracts vandals more than a nice clean glass surface on your store, restaurant or office.  Glass Shield is a way to protect expensive doors, windows, and storefronts from damage that will last. Should the graffiti film be marked or painted, it can be easily replaced with film.   This is much more cost-effective than replacing an entire window.


Keep your Kansas City business safe from the damage vandals do by having Graffiti Shield products installed.   Reach out to Window Film Kansas for pricing and to schedule an appointment today!