Mirror Shield:  The Smart Alternative To Mirror Replacement In Kansas City

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Avoid Full Mirror Replacement After Vandalism With Mirror Shield

Mirror Graffiti–is something you see in bathrooms in many…MANY  Kansas City restaurants, schools, malls, stadiums and government buildings.  It is ugly and it is all too common. Furthermore, it is impossible to remove without damaging a mirror’s surface. That’s right, once a mirror is marked is pretty much ruined.  This is because, in order to remove the damage, one must actually do more damage to the clarity of the mirror. It boils down to–the mirror will never be the same and needs to be replaced.  A very expensive prospect until now. This is because of a revolutionary product called Mirror Shield by the Graffiti Shield company. This mirror finish film has changed the game by providing an affordable and viable solution to mirror graffiti.  It allows you to battle existing or repeat vandalism of the mirrors in your Kansas City commercial property and our commercial clients just love it!

What is Mirror Shield And How Does It Protect My Kansas City Property?

Mirror Shield is a fully reflective thick film which goes over your existing mirrors to obscure accumulated graffiti.  It gives 100% fully opaque coverage of any mark on your mirrors: scratch, paint, acid or otherwise. This allows them to look crystal clear once more.  Mirrors are hard to keep an eye on because they are often closed off in bathrooms. This means that vandals have plenty of time to damage the surface in any way they see fit:  spray painting, etching, stickers. After a mirror is vandalized it is rendered useless and needs to be replaced. This makes mirror graffiti an expensive problem for Kansas City commercial building owners.  However, with mirror shield, the defaced surface is easily covered and this method only costs a fraction of what total mirror replacement does. Best of all, the work is complete in less than an hour. So, your bathroom will look good again in a timely manner.  A fast response to graffiti dramatically lowers the likelihood it will be struck again since vandals typically move on to a target where their graffiti will stay put. Like other Graffiti Shield products, Mirror Shield is not removable by anyone except a trained specialist like those here at Window Film Kansas City.  And Mirror Shield never leaves any adhesive residue behind.

Watch the video below for more info on Mirror Shield

Mirror Graffiti Protection In Kansas City

Here at Window Film Kansas City, we are certified to install Mirror Shield and other Graffiti Shield products and offer custom Graffiti Shield solutions as well.  Contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more about our revolutionary Graffiti Shield line.