Window Tint For Your Kansas City Home This Summer

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Window Tint For Summer In Kansas City

Summer is coming fast here in Kansas City and that means–things are about to heat up!    The days are getting longer here and so are the temperatures meaning– higher energy bills as you turn up your a/c.   However, very high energy bills do not have to be the way things are for homes across the Kansas City area.  In all reality, you have the power to control the environment of your home, while curbing skyrocketing energy bills by simply having window tint installed you your windows. This will save you money and, as we have seen first hand, will make the summer months much more comfortable for you and your family.  This is due to the fact that one of the key benefits of window tint is solar heat gain reduction on the glass of your windows.  In fact, solar control window films can reduce 65% of the total solar energy allowed into your home.  This by itself lowers the temperature in your home before you even turn on the A/C.

The Benefits Of Window Tinting For Your Kansas City Home

Although a huge reduction in solar heat gain on your Kansas City home’s windows is great and is reason enough to purchase window tinting, window film is certainly not limited to only one benefit.  Happily, there are numerous benefits associated with window tint that are especially key in the summer months and even beyond.

Benefits Like:

UV protection:  Harmful infrared and UV rays can damage your skin and cause skin cancer.  They are also responsible for fading and sun damage to artwork, furniture, and flooring.  Solar control window films block out 99% of these destructive UV rays and 98.5% of harmful infrared rays, keeping your family and your valuables protected.

Glare Reduction:  The sun shines longer and brighter in the summer and is more than just an annoyance.  Entire rooms in your house may go unused to avoid the glare from the intense Kansas sun.  Window tinting blocks the annoying glare from the sun, making every room in your home usable year round

HVAC Maintenance Reduction:  When your heating or cooling systems work harder to keep your home cool, they break down more often and require expensive repair.  Window tinting keeps your HVAC from working as hard, reducing the frequency of breakdowns and repairs.

Kansas City’s Window Tint Expert

When considering window tinting, it is always a good decision to have a professional, like Window Film Kansas City, install it.   We will install the window films properly,  quickly (usually in only a day), and most importantly,  we have expansive knowledge of every film on the market.  This means we are able to direct you to the best window tint for your specific needs.  Contact us today with window tint questions, to schedule a free, in-home consultation and to get one step closer to a cooler home this summer!