How Kansas City Hotels Benefit from Applying 3M Window Film

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The 3M Group is one of the longest standing and most successful manufacturers of high quality window film. 3M commercial films dramatically enhance the performance of windows to make buildings safer and more energy efficient. That’s why hotels all across Kansas City prefer to use 3M for their architectural needs. Curious to know more? Just check out the information below to discover how you could benefit!

window film kansas city hotel

3M Sun Control Window Film

Hotels are huge consumers of energy. In fact, it’s estimated that hotels in the U.S. spend over $2,000 every year on each individual room. When you have 50, 100, or 500 rooms you need to heat or cool throughout the year, energy expenses can add up pretty quickly. With 3M Sun Control Window Film, you can reduce the energy costs for your hotel and easily control the temperature of your building. Just imagine, no more guest complaints about the temperature of your rooms!

3M Safety & Security Window Film

You never know when disaster will strike. That’s why it’s important to stay prepared. Protect your building and occupants from damage caused by broken glass with security window film. 3M Safety & Security Window Film holds glass in place in the event that your windows get broken or smashed. At Window Film Kansas City, we offer a huge selection of 3M security window film options so that you can get the defense you need to fight off everything from vicious criminals to 140 mph wind speeds from tornadoes.

3M Anti Graffiti Film

Vandalism can be a huge problem for hotel owners. Public restroom areas, hotels, and stairways frequently become targets of vandalism and can be completely ruined by the presence of graffiti. And replacing entire fixtures or surfaces is frighteningly expensive most of the time. That’s why 3M Anti Graffiti Film makes sense for Kansas City hotels. It covers up graffiti to make surfaces look brand new and protects the underlying material from being damaged.

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Improve Your Kansas City Hotel with 3M Window Film

Take your Kansas City hotel to a whole new level. Call Window Film Kansas City to have 3M window film installed for your hotel, motel, or commercial building.

Mike Kinsey has successfully completed hundreds of window film installs in Kansas City and throughout the U.S., accounting for more than 250,000 square ft. of film. As the head of operations, he is personally in charge of overseeing every install and ensuring that all procedures go smoothly. His years of experience in construction and project management give him the unique ability to accurately diagnose areas of concern and implement a plan to remedy the situation. Mike is a subject matter expert and is intensely familiar with all different types of window film as well as leading brands. He is well equipped to handle both residential and commercial projects and is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.