Why Window Film is Better Than Low-E Glass For Kansas City Homes

During these incredibly hot summers we are getting lately, people are starting to realize that their air conditioning is simply not enough.  The reason for this is because the real source of heat into homes during the summer is untreated windows.  Solar heat gain through you Kansas City window seeps in at an alarming rate and heats up the air you are paying to cool.  The two most prominent solutions are window tinting or window replacement with Low-E glass.  So which one is better for your home?  The answer is likely window film–find out why below.

Window Film Costs Less Than Low-E Glass  

Based on RSMeans data, removing existing dual-pane windows and replacing them with dual-pane Low-E glass comes at a price of about  $40 and $55 per square foot.  Compare this to Low-E and spectrally selective window tinting which, on average, is about $9-$30 and gives about the same results as Low-E windows.

Window Film is Easier to Install

 New windows are pretty labor-intensive to install and can take quite a bit of time.  Existing windows need to be removed, sometimes new windows need to be reframed or cut to custom sizes.  Window film, on the other hand, only takes about a day to install on nearly any size KC home.

Window Film has Added Benefits

 Low-E windows and glass are good at what they do–cut down on solar heat gain and glare–but that is about it.  Window tinting is also fantastic at lowering solar heat gain and keeping your home cooler but comes with a lot of other benefits.  It cuts down on glare, blocks UV rays, gives your home a bit more privacy, and turns any window into safety glass!

So while Low-E windows may be slightly more effective on battling solar heat gain–they simply are not as well-suited for most homeowners that want to reduce heating bills and have a quick ROI

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