Radiation Blocking Window Film Protects Kansas City Homes

Are you familiar with the issue of electromagnetic frequencies, also known as EMFs? Well, RF radiation is one particular part of the whole EMF spectrum. The presence of these frequencies is all around us, due to the prevalence of cell phones, wifi, microwaves, and other electronic appliances and devices. But here’s the rub:

No one yet knows what the long term effects of these frequencies will be on the human bodies that are absorbing them. Including your body and mine. (Unless you’re hidden away in a monetary in Tibet, somewhere, in which case it’s unlikely you are reading this blog post.)

However, with radiation blocking window film, people can block a significant amount of these frequencies from entering the home or office through the windows. Now, why would you want to do that? Many people are sensitive to this type of radiation, complaining it makes them nauseous, gives them hyper activity, insomnia, and more. For those sensitive souls, blocking as much radiation as possible in their homes makes good sense.

So let’s talk a bit about radiation blocking window film. Ours is not specifically designed for that purpose, but is one of the side benefits of the film. The film, by Vista, an industry leader in high-performance window films, is what’s known as an energy efficiency film. Its main purpose is to save the customer money on heating and cooling costs by making all the windows – and therefore, the entire home – considerably more thermally efficient.

When it comes to radiation blocking, window film of this type is very effective. But that’s not the only benefits energy saving films offer the consumer. Whether you are sensitive to RF radiation or not, you might like the glare reduction factor that also comes with these films. You might really appreciate the ninety-nine percent UV block. That cuts out a whole other kind of radiation: the ultraviolet kind. And this can save your interior flooring, furnishings, artwork, and upholstery from rapidly fading in the Kansas City sun.

Radiation blocking window film may be the first step to protecting yourself from EMFs in your home or office. Although researchers world-wide are studying the cumulative effects these frequencies might have on our bodies, the results could take many years to emerge. Why wait?
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