A new shower door for a fraction of the cost.

Would you like a new look for your glass shower door or shower enclosure? Maybe something with a little more style? Window Film Kansas City can show you how to do this for a fraction of the cost of a replacement door, with decorative window film.

These days, more and more showers come with glass doors, eliminating the need for a shower curtain. And yet, shower curtains come in a wide variety of colors, degrees of transparency, and design. People bought them not just for practicality, but as a style feature in a bathroom, to add color or pattern or fun.

Don’t mourn the loss of the shower curtain! With decorative window film, you can get many of these same effects for your glass shower door . . . and if necessary, you can add more privacy at the same time.

Decorative window film is a product that is quickly and easily installed to the glass of your shower door or doors, on the outside, of course. And it comes in a wide variety of colors, finishes, degrees of transparency, and pattern as well! Not only that, but it will literally give your bathroom a facelift in a way no shower curtain ever could.

We’d be willing to be that you’ve seen decorative window film many times without ever realizing that was what you were seeing. That’s because it can closely resemble etched glass, painted glass, frosted glass, even stained glass! Imagine that in your bathroom.

decorative-window-film-kansas city

Imagine the look of beautiful etched glass, frosted in places and clear in others, adorning your shower door. Instant class for the entire bathroom!

Imagine the look of bamboo shoots reaching for the ceiling on your shower door. Instant interest and upgrade of your bathroom’s décor.

Imagine the look of vibrant stained glass swirling across your shower door. Instant color, intensity and uniqueness! (Of course, if you actually decide you want real stained glass, we’d like to direct you to our sister company, Kansas City Stained Glass.)

With a decorative window film, you can even change it up whenever you redecorate the bathroom, or just decide you want something new. Down with the basic, boring glass shower door and up with the new, decorative door you can have using decorative window film.

Would you like to see our line of decorative window films? If so, please give Window Film Kansas City a call today. We’d be happy to answer any questions and show you what we’ve got!