Decorative Window Film For Privacy and Security

Business owners know that break-ins have a devastating effect on their businesses from restaurants to retail stores.  And while break-ins will never be 100% avoidable, the risk can be limited with the installation of security window film.  It is a cost-effective security option for Kansas City businesses and has many more benefits that come along with it. 

The Added Benefits of Safety and Security Film

Bringin down the success rate of smash and grab crimes is reason enough to purchase in Security Film for your Kansas City business.  But, there are plenty of other reasons to consider these films

Security Window Film For Privacy:  Security window film comes in clear or frosted finishes.  A frosted or textured finish on security window film will give your business location enough privacy to prevents inventory from being totally exposed. But allows enough visibility for window shopping customers.  Plus, these films elevate the style of your commercial space.

Security Window Film For Accident Protection: Security window film keeps glass adhered to it in little shards when someone attempts to break through the glass but it also works the same in the event of a slip and fall.   It works so well it can be used as a work-around for tempered glass to comply with building codes.  This means safety and security film could save lives and possibly even save you from litigation should an accident happen. 

Security Window Film Protects From Natural Disasters:  We see our fair share of storms here in Kansas especially tornadoes.  These deadly natural disasters throw debris into glass.  Flying glass is one of the main causes of injury during these events.  Security window film, which keeps glass from exploding out and hurting people, is also great protection from the fall out of natural disasters.

These are some fairly compelling benefits to consider when deciding whether or not to install safety and security film on your Kansas City commercial space.  For more information on these films, contact us at Window Film Kansas City today!