3M Controltac Print Films to Make Commercial Interior Remodels Easy

Starting a commercial business is expensive. One of the biggest expenses to get them up and going is the construction of the physical location. New paint, flooring, and signage add up quickly.Ā 

Thankfully there are window film solutions out there to cut down on the costs of commercial construction in Kansas City. This helps investors get new business locations up faster to turn a profit sooner.Ā 

One of those surface film brands is called 3Mā„¢ Controltac. These bold decorative films can be applied to nearly any surface, including textured walls.Ā  Also, they are applied dry, so no matter what type of substrate you put them on, they wonā€™t ruin the finish.Ā 

The Benefits of 3Mā„¢ Controltacā„¢ Print Films for Kansas City Commercial Locations

3Mā„¢ Controltacā„¢ Print Films are a great alternative to construction for commercial remodels. Plus, they come with many other amazing benefits too!

3Mā„¢ Controltacā„¢ is Versatile

No matter what type of aesthetic you are looking to use in your new business location, 3M Controltac films will work. They can be customized to any design but also come in various premade patterns too. This makes the applications of Controltac nearly endless. Your Kansas City commercial space will get great results installing it on any flat or textured substrate.

  • Flat Walls
  • Brick Walls
  • Floors
  • Carpet
  • Signs
  • Vehicles

3Mā„¢ Controltacā„¢ is Removable

When you rent a commercial space, the changes you are allowed to make are often limited. Landlords donā€™t usually want a business tenant to make structural changes that last. This can make it difficult to create a unique look for your business locations.Ā Ā 

This is where 3Mā„¢ Controltacā„¢ is an excellent solution. It is an easily removable film that temporarily transforms a commercial space into a beautiful branded display.Ā 

3Mā„¢ Controltacā„¢ is Affordable

Remodeling any commercial space is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. But 3M Controltac makes it easy and affordable. Since it is surface film, it can be installed quickly by just a few workers. Plus, the cost per square foot is significantly less than the cost of construction. Best of all, there is almost no waste from this product, cutting costs on dumpster rentals and disposal costs.Ā 

For more information on 3M Controltac surface films to renovate your Kansas City business location, contact us today.