The Benefits of Privacy Window Tinting for Kansas City Properties

We have had a lot to say about the benefits of window film in our blogs over the years. Often pointing out how useful it is for many aspects of your daily life at home and at work. All and all window film serves a very real purpose. There may not be a more simple, advantageous home or commercial improvement than window film. One benefit we don’t talk about enough is privacy. Not only does it come with many of the same benefits as energy-efficient and security films but also pays for itself in as short of a time as three years. Privacy film, however, also comes with a host of other benefits.

Top Three Privacy Window Tinting Benefits

  1. Privacy Window Tinting for More Security: Privacy window tinting makes both homes and businesses safer. In an office setting, one-way films and cloaking films protect private/sensitive information. These films are installed in places like human resources, conference rooms, cubicles, and accounting. From cloaking screens with sensitive information on them to provide the coverage for interviews in conference rooms–commercial privacy films serve abundant purposes. For homes, privacy window tinting keeps the eyes of those passing by or that nosey neighbor from seeing into your home. These views are, for the most part, harmless but never comfortable. What’s more, they can lead to crimes of opportunity. When those that mean you and your family harm can easily view your belongings or if/when you are home–they are more likely to attempt a break-in.
  2. Privacy Window Film Blocks UV Radiation: UV rays here in Kansas City are a problem. They cause a variety of damages seen and unseen. They are the cause of illnesses ranging from headaches to cancers. They lower productivity too. On furnishings, UV rays cause very real fading and deterioration. Meaning you need to spend good money replacing prematurely. So, while privacy window film is fantastic for giving your home or business the coverage–it also blocks 99.9% of harmful UV rays.
  3. Privacy Window Strengthens Window Glass: A huge part of privacy window film’s function is to give the inside of your home and business coverage from being viewed from the outside. This doesn’t just make you, your family, or employees more comfortable inside–it also lowers crimes of opportunity. But what you may not know is it also reinforces the glass of your windows. Although it is not nearly as powerful as a security film system, privacy film does make your glass more impervious to breakage. When your windows are harder to penetrate quickly–it causes potential criminals to move on before authorities arrive.

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