Window Tinting Versus Window Film: What’s the Difference?

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If there’s one question our Kansas City customers ask us over and over, it’s “what’s the difference between window film and window tinting.” When it comes to window tinting, Kansas City customers want to know the details.

The fact is, there really isn’t a difference. The two terms are used interchangeably in the industry, although in consumers’ minds window tinting usually refers to the products used on vehicles to cut or reduce glare. And window film is the stuff that covers the windows of your home to add thermal efficiency and lower energy costs. However, when it comes to effective and high-performance window tinting, Kansas City customers can call these products whatever they like.

Honestly, the name used is way less interesting than the benefits received!
However, many window films have a tint to them. Even some of the energy efficiency films can slightly darken windows. Some add more optical clarity as well. And some are completely clear and add no color. So we can see why customers are confused. With today’s energy saving window tinting, Kansas City customers have numerous options. If you are interested in this type of product for your home, office, or other commercial space, please talk to us about your needs so that we can recommend the best film to meet them.

Privacy films and decorative films also have tints. Some look like frosted glass, some like colored, textured, etched, or patterned glass. But you can get privacy film that has a mirrored appearance on the outside, but just looks like normal glass from the inside, perhaps with a slight tint. Our customers tell us after a very short time, they don’t even notice the change to the color of the windows using this product, and they love the chic modern look given to the exterior of their buildings.

Anti-graffiti films and security films generally have no tint whatsoever and are not really visible once installed. With anti-graffiti window tinting, Kansas City businesses have the perfect solution to tagging, scratching, or etching done by graffiti vandals. This film can be used on glass, plexi, metal, mirrors, and more. If someone puts graffiti on it (not realizing it’s a film), removal of the film takes the graffiti off in a second.

With our line of security, loss prevention, and bomb blast films, after application they are not noticeable to the naked eye. With this type of window tinting, Kansas City homeowners and business owners can add the security of shoring up their windows from the threat of home invasion, burglary, or even explosions.

For more information on window tinting for Kansas City or any of the outlying suburbs and towns, please contact us today.