Anti-Graffiti film protects mirrors and metal

Anti-graffiti Films Offer Metal Repair and Mirror Repair From Tagging/Scratching

Graffiti got you down? It can be a real pain for business owners in Kansas City, especially today when it’s no longer confined to spray paint. These days, graffiti “artists” scratch their messages into surfaces with a variety of implements, or even burn them in with acids. They use permanent markers and other substances that simply will not come off.
It’s easy for metal surfaces and mirrors to be ruined by this type of graffiti. However, with mirror repair anti-graffiti film and metal repair anti-graffiti film, this problem can be avoided. Costly replacements can be avoided. And having to live with defaced metal surfaces that cannot be fixed or replaced can be avoided.
But what if your mirrors or metal surfaces have already been damaged by tagging, scratching, or etching? What if they can’t be replaced, or would be costly to be replaced. Especially since there’s no guarantee that after replacement, they won’t be graffitied all over again. Anti-graffiti film is the perfect low-cost solution to keeping businesses clean of graffiti and surfaces looking like new.
Let’s take a closer look.

Metal Repair Anti-Graffiti Film for Kansas City Businesses
graffiti on elevator doors
When it comes to metal repair after tagging or scratching, there really isn’t much that can be done. Metals come with a pre-finished surface and once it’s marred . . . it’s marred. But with metal repair film for scratching or etching, the damage is covered. The finish of the film itself is designed to look just like the original metal. Your surfaces will look new again. And if someone comes along and tags them all over, the film can be removed, leaving the surface ready for a fresh application of film.

Mirror Repair Anti-Graffiti Film for Kansas City Businesses
graffiti on bathroom mirror
The mirror repair film works on the same principle as the metal we described above. The main difference is that it has a reflective, mirrored surface that will look like a mirror. This sacrificial mirror repair film protects mirrors from tagging, etching, scratching. If someone does try to deface the mirror, it will be the film who takes the hit. It will even protect the mirror from acids. Then, the film can be removed, taking the offending graffiti damage with it. A fresh film can be installed, all for a much lower cost than the replacing of the mirror itself.
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