High-Tech Window Films To Protect Kansas City Against Bomb Attacks

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Protecting Kansas City Public Spaces From Bomb Blasts With Window Films

Kansas City is a safe place and a wonderful place to call home. So, when one thinks of bomb attacks, our city is hardly called to mind. However, the very definition of terrorism is to attack where people least expect, making any city in America a viable soft target–sadly even Kansas City. The best way to prepare for and avoid the potential devastation of a bomb attack is to hope for the best but definitely to prepare for the worst. This strategy means keeping our community safe with such measures as bomb blast films on public and commercial spaces. Anywhere from stadiums to schools and from transit stations to retail centers bomb blast window film is essential and something that will protect all of our citizens.

What Is Bomb Blast Window Film?

Bomb blast window film is a specialty security window film that reinforces glass making it resistant to the force of a bomb. However, these films donā€™t work all on their own. To get the durability needed to withstand a bomb blast these films must be used coordination with an extremely high-tech adhesive called C-bond. This seemingly simple adhesive is actually nano-engineered to make glass more flexible and stronger on a molecular level–keeping the glass intact after a blast. Special window framing systems are also used to round out the protective trio and give the highest level of blast resistance possible.

How Does Bomb Blast Window Film Protect From KC Bombs?

Casualties and injuries from flying glass are the most common way a bomb does damage. When a bomb is detonated, shards of glass, even-tempered glass, explode into innocent bystanders doing horrible damage. When propelled by the high magnitude of a bomb can be absolutely devastating to human life. Security window film, adhered with C-Bond, inside a specialty window frame, keeps glass in place and stops it from exploding outward where it will most assuredly maim and kill. The precaution of bomb blast window film significantly cuts down on the devastation of a bomb attack, keeping our Kansas City community much safer.


Watch the video below to find out if bombĀ blast window film may be right for you:


Window Film Kansas City For Your Bomb Blast Film Needs

Window Film Kansas City is a company the community can trust to keep it safe with bomb blast film installation. We are equipped to apply films that are bomb and even bullet resistant and will consult with you thoroughly to give you a better idea of your locations security needs. For more information on how to keep your Kansas City business, public space or home safe from bombs, guns, and even natural disasters, contact us today for a free consultation.