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Remember the days of metal bars, grates, and window guards to add security to a building?

With security window film, Kansas City residents have an affordable way to boost the security of their windows. After all, even if a house or business has an alarm system, the windows always remain the weak link. You can lock them and alarm them, but anyone can fairly easily break in by smashing them. And who needs that aggravation, that danger, and that messy cleanup?

Security window film, Kansas City clients tell us, gives them new peace of mind. In these days of smash and grab robberies and home invasions, we all need all the security we can get. No one wants to worry about someone breaking into their home or commercial space by simply tossing a brick through a window. Especially not after you’ve spent good money on alarm systems and state of the art locks!

After all, if a criminal can get inside, there’s no telling how much damage he can do or what he can steal before the police or security company finally arrives.

Prevent that from happening to your home or business with the installation of high-performance security window film, Kansas City. Once this product is applied, it will be barely discernable to the naked eye. And yet, encased in the film is a sturdy polyester mesh. This mesh will make the window that much more shatter proof, but if by chance a thief, vandal, or even a stray softball or broken tree branch does manage to shatter the glass, it will remain held in place inside the frame.


This eliminates the time consuming and annoying task of cleaning up a pile of shattered glass both inside and outside of your home, office, store, factory, lab, restaurant, municipal or government building, or any other space with windows. It also eliminates the danger of flying glass, which can severely injure anyone standing nearby.

What if you want to take it a step further and make sure that your windows are not just shatter resistant but shatter proof? Ask us about our loss prevention window film.

Along with security window film for Kansas City residents, we also offer energy saving window film, privacy or decorative window film, anti-graffiti window film, and even a bomb blast window film for government buildings or laboratories that might be doing experiments that could cause explosions.

For more information about the benefits of security window film, Kansas City or across the state of Kansas, we hope that you will contact us today. We have over a decade in the window film business and can advise you on the best product for your needs, or offer you a quote for a window film job.

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