Reasons To Install Window Film Safety Distraction Markers in Kansas City Offices

While you may not have heard of safety markers–they actually surround you in commercial spaces every day. And if you own or rent a commercial office they may be something you need for your Kansas City commercial space. This is because safety distraction markers are critical for keeping you safe and serve and fill a few other niches as well. So what exactly are they?

What Are Safety Distraction Markers?

Safety distraction markers are the designs on clear glass, usually about chest height. They are made from clear plastic film, dyes, and inks. They serve the purpose of preventing people from walking into clear glass features. Glass doors, walls, windows or dividers are the places you will usually see them. Patterns big and small, white and multicolored are all viable designs. Also, custom designs are incredibly popular. printed on them and are professionally installed. Clearly fantastic at making your Kansas City office safer, these markers have other benefits that are great for your business too.

Three Reasons To Have Safety Distraction Markers Installed on Your Kansas City Glass

  1. Distraction Marker Films For Safety: When safety is your main concern, safety markers are the best way to prevent workplace glass accidents. Sadly, we have a lot of businesses come to us only after they have a problem or a scare. But proactivity is key because avoiding an accident is always better than reacting to one. Furthermore, a fall into a glass fixture in your KC space could mean litigation for you and safety makers may even be required by law. Most importantly–window film makes your Kansas City office a safer place for all.
  2. Distraction Marker Films For Branding: Of course distraction markers work are great for keeping spaces safe but other advantages like branding to recommend them. Distraction markers can be customized with your logo, website, and phone number–for a lovely visual branding campaign. With benefits like:
    It is customizable
    It is easily changed or removed
    It allows your brand, website and/or phone number to be easily displayed
    It helps your Kansas City business to stand out
  3. Distraction Marker Films For Decoration: The great part about distraction markers for your Kansas City office is that they pack an aesthetic punch. They turn the mundane into something extraordinary. Boring, clear glass transforms into something really unique with these films applied. Since it is customizable you can match it to your existing decor or design your whole office around it.

To learn more about how we here at Window Film Kansas City can customize a distraction maker film for your Kansas City office, reach out to us today for a consultation and pricing!