Security Window Film In Place Of Tempered Glass In Your Vintage Remodel

window film for shatter proof glass

Security Window Film Works As Shatterproof Glass

There are so many majestic old homes in Kansas City.  The ones that have been redone are amazing but there are still many out there in need of renovation.  With Kansas CIty growing by leaps and bounds and attracting a whole new generation of homeowners that want to restore these beauties to their former beauty.  As a contractor, you know just how expensive this can be. Not only is it difficult to recreate a style from a long time, on-time and within budget- you also need to deal with bringing a building up to many decades of codes.  One extra difficult part of vintage home remodels is bringing an old house up to today’s codes.  At Window Film Kansas City, we understand how challenging this can be and what a drain on human and monetary resources, which is why we offer a solution to the expensive task of making the glass fixtures in old home shatterproof- and that is security window film.

Security Window Film For Tempered Glass Building Codes

As a contractor you know, many if not all of the glass features in a vintage home are not shatterproof like tempered glass. Building codes in this day and age require tempered glass in places like bathrooms, stair cases, balconies.  But Some areas that might surprise you that require tempered glass are “hazardous areas like windows along stairs and at the end of each landing.  Replacing the glass in all the areas of the house that require shatterproof glass is expensive–it is also time-consuming.  Another factor is that sometimes the owners don’t want you to remove it. The answer to all of these problems is simple with security window film.  It is a lot cheaper and drastically less time-consuming.  Also, Security window film is approved to use when codes require shatterproof glass for windows in “hazardous areas”.  

If you are a contractor or vintage homeowner in the Kansas City area and are looking into security window film instead of window replacement for building code adherence, contact us today!