Why Security Window Films Is A Good Idea For Kansas City Schools

School security window film kansas city

Safety Is Key for Kansas City Schools


Kansas City is home to many families, and thereā€™s no question why it is growing at a rate 1.4% since 2016, nearly twice as high as neighboring St. Louis. There are many fun activities for children and adults alike, such as The American Jazz Museum and the River Market. One of the top concerns for parents when choosing a community to settle down in is the safety of the schools they are entrusting their children into for 8 hours a day.


Mass shootings have become a hot topic in the news in recent years. Hundreds of gun-related deaths occur each year, and to add to the tragedy, these shootings have become more lethal. Kansas City schools looking for additional security measures can rely on Window Film Kansas City to help keep students and educators safe from the devastation caused by mass shooters. We have been the experts in window film installation for over 20 years, and an important service we provide is school safety film installation.


What Is Security Window Film And How Does It Help?


School safety film is a cost and time efficient solution that schools can consider when thinking of ways to increase school safety. This specialty window film adds a layer that reinforces entry points intruders are inclined to target, such as glass windows and glass doors. This reinforcement can make glass surfaces up to 40 times stronger than it is on its own, which deters attack from dangerous intruders. Careful testing has shown that security window film can prevent blunt force entry for up to two minutes, which is invaluable, as time is crucial to emergency response.


Security window films donā€™t only impede intruders; they can also protect against severe wind and weather such as tornadoes. Because of their adhesive quality, glass surfaces are less prone to shattering and causing injuries and damage from shards of glass. Unlike reconstruction of entryways and shatter-proof glass installation which are cost-prohibitive to most schools, window film is affordable and takes less time to implement.

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Window Film Kansas City For Your Schoolā€™s Security Film Needs


We at Window Film Kansas City know how highly important safety is for parents, students, teachers, and staff in order to breathe easy and be able to use school as a place of learning. Hundreds of schools in the US use security window film for additional protection against attack from dangerous intruders. Call us today to learn more about why security film is right for your school.