The Best Break-in Protection Is Prevention With 3M Security Window Film


3M Security Film To Protect Your Kansas City Home

Anyone who has had their house broken into can tell you–it is a life changing event.  Most report a new feeling of vulnerability and the overwhelming sense that they have been violated. It is something you hope never happens to your and if it does you pray never will again. While nothing short of extreme security measures can stop a break in, there are measures you can take to protect your home and family from successful break-ins by mitigating the damage done.  One of these things, as it relates to our business, is installing 3M security window film on the windows of your Kansas City home or business.

And here is why:

Now, the video above is an extreme example of a break-in, but that extremity only serves to outline our point all the more. If a window film can hold up to blows like that–how much more could it hold up to a common break-in tool like a hammer? As shown in the video the window without security film took only 6 seconds from the initial blow until the window caved in. On the other hand, a window treated by 3M security film took over 2 minutes to finally give way. Two minutes may not seem like a lot of time but when it comes giving you time to protect your family, or the police enough time to arrive–it literally could mean the difference between life and death. Arguably, however, a thief that encounters window film will simply leave the scene without trying any further to get in the house.

Window Film Kansas City: Kansas City’s 3M Security Film Expert

Kansas City is a beautiful and relatively safe place to call home and raise a family. However, no matter where you live there is always a risk of random acts of violence and break-ins. Even those who live in very affluent neighborhoods, often find themselves victims of break-ins. Simply because burglars know there is likely to be higher ticket items to steal in a nice house. While you can defend yourself if you are home, professional thieves know to wait until the coast is clear. If you are concerned about your house being at risk for break-ins and want to explore putting 3M security film on your Kansas City home’s windows, contact Window Film Kansas City today. We will come out to your home and give free consultations and the answers you need to make what could be a life-saving decision.