Protect your floors from fading in the sun.

Let’s talk about fade protection window film. This might be a product you have never heard of before. But have you noticed a difference in the areas of your home that are constantly exposed to the sun? Have you ever peeled back a corner of a rug, only to notice how much more vibrant the floor underneath is compared to the floor that was never covered? Have you ever flipped over a chair or couch cushion to find that the flip side is still vibrant, and the rest of the sofa has faded in the sun?

If so, you need to call Window Film Kansas City ASAP and talk to us about fade protection window film. The sun’s UV rays are fading your furnishings, from the carpets on your floor to the art on your walls. And when things get faded, they start to look worn and shabby. In the case of artwork, it can even be ruined beyond repair.

Obviously, replacing your artwork, your rugs, your upholstery, your curtains, can be prohibitively expensive. And if there was a way to avoid that, if there was a way to lengthen the life of your furnishings and keep them looking new longer, wouldn’t you want to do it?
Fade protection window film is a simple, elegant and affordable situation with a number of unique benefits.

Benefits of Fade Protection Window Film Include:

hardwood-fading-prevention-Kansas City

1. It blocks 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. This is good news for your furnishings and flooring, because the UV rays are the ones that cause the fading.

2. Most fade protection window films will also cut glare, allowing you to see more easily indoors when using computer monitors, laptops. TVs, etc.

3. Fade protection that comes from blocking the UV rays is actually a side benefit of many energy efficiency window films. With these products, you can actually save big bucks on your heating and cooling costs.

4. As mentioned earlier, fade protection window films will keep your interiors looking great a lot longer, and save you money on needing to replace faded and shabby items.

5. Fade protection window film is affordable, easily installed, and requires absolutely no maintenance once it has been installed to the insides of your windows.

What else do you want to know about this cutting-edge product? Here at Window Film Kansas City, we carry a full range of window film products from privacy films to security films and many more. Why not give us a call today to have any questions answered or to receive a quote?