Thousands of people rely on mass transit systems here in Kansas City. From buses to streetcars, airports, and more, mass transit plays an integral role for many. Mass transit systems can take advantage of the numerous benefits that window film has to offer, helping them save money, defend guests, and much more. Window film can provide exclusive advantages for mass transit systems of any type.


Safety and Security: Bus stops, train stations, and airports can, unfortunately, be targeted and are susceptible to a multitude of threats. Defend customers and employees from natural disasters, break-ins, burglaries, and more with safety and security film. Bomb blast protection and ballistic resistant security films are also available for more comprehensive coverage and can be tactically installed to get the most out of your security investment.

Decorative: Decorative film is highly versatile and can be applied to glass elements of a building, wrapped around vehicles, and much more. Perfect for paid sponsorship and advertising opportunities as well as brand visibility and visual marketing purposes.

Anti-Graffiti: Mass transit systems in Kansas City are often targeted for vandalism and graffiti. Defend expensive surfaces like glass, metal, mirrored, and more with durable surface film. Anti-graffiti surface film not only protects your investments, but it also conceals existing damage for a fresh, new look.

Energy Efficiency: Save on energy costs while providing the most comfortable environment for customers and employees. Energy efficient window film is a great way to save money in airports, train stations, and other mass transit buildings.

Glare Reduction: Electronic screens can be incorporated throughout mass transit systems for customer or employee use. Glare reduction window film optimizes the experience, providing comprehensive comfort for everyone during screen-viewing activities.

UV Protection: Kansas City mass transit systems can experience UV radiation all year-round. Defend your furniture, equipment, and more from permanent sun damage. UV blocking window film also defends building occupant health from significant health concerns that can be caused by overexposure to the sun.

Privacy: Privacy tinting is both functional and improves aesthetics. By optimizing privacy, your guests will feel safer and more comfortable. Exterior building aesthetics can be improved as well through the various hues and finishes available with privacy window tinting.