We are proud to be the leading experts offering window film installation in Kansas City! Proper installation of window film is essential to ensure bubbling doesn’t occur over time. Our installers are experts in their field and all installations are backed by a limited warranty from Window Film Kansas City as well as the window film manufacturer.

Improperly installed window film can crack, warp, fade, or bubble as the weather changes. All of our installations will ensure that your window film will perform as it should for the life of your window film.

Window Film Kansas City installers are the best in their field. With years of experience installing window film you can rest assured that your window film will be installed properly the first time.



Most window films are installed with an adhesive that sticks the film to your windows. This is where Eastman window films differ. Eastman film bonds with your windows on a molecular level which ensures a stronger bond that will perform better over the course of time. Our expert window film installers make sure your window film is installed correctly and will continue to deliver the highest level of performance.

After a window film installation, its common that you won’t even notice a difference from how your windows looked before. Our expert installers will make sure there are no bubbles and the window film covers from edge to edge, ensuring your windows keep their beautiful view for years.

Installing window film is like adding another pane of glass to your home’s windows. Window Film Kansas City wants to make sure you are completely satisfied with the entire process.