Casper Cloaking Film for Kansas City Office and Workspaces

Finding an effective privacy solution that delivers in functionality alongside aesthetics can seem incredibly difficult for Kansas City offices and workspaces. Privacy tinting, curtains, partitions, etc. can make your space seem unwelcoming, make the space dysfunctional, and just plain tacky. Casper cloaking film delivers an effective privacy solution that’s perfect for Kansas City office spaces and collaborative workspaces. This innovative speciality film works to conceal LED screens from unwanted views.


casper black out before


Casper Black Out Screen After

About Casper Cloaking Film

Casper cloaking film is engineered for glass walls and completely conceals LED screens from outside views. Designed by Designtex, Casper cloaking film presents standard to graphic design options so that you can find the right look for your Kansas City office. Perfect for collaborative workspaces, cubicles, conference rooms, and more, Casper cloaking film allows employees to focus on productivity and work rather than trying to hide sensitive information from unwanted views.

casper cloaking tint feature 1

Casper Cloaking Film Advantages for Kansas City Properties

With a multitude of diverse advantages, Casper cloaking film presents an affordable solution for many privacy issues throughout Kansas City properties:

  • Provides privacy in plain sight
  • Delivers peace-of-mind for employees
  • Cloaks any LED screen from unwanted outside views
  • Available in 16 different design options and finishes
  • Can be installed to any clear, smooth glass