Experience the Power of Hanita Coatings in Kansas City!

We are thrilled to be your trusted source for Hanita Coatings in Kansas City! Hanita is the well-renowned manufacturer of high-tech, high-performance Hanita Coatings which are specially engineered polyester films and laminates created to meet the demand of today’s evolving industrial and consumer landscape. They fill a vast variety of needs from making buildings more energy efficient to offering powerful security solutions around the world.

Hanita SolarZone: Energy Efficiency Window Films

Hanita SolarZone¬†energy efficient films¬†are applied to existing glass and work to upgrade energy performance and enhance a building‚Äôs sustainability.¬† The hallmark of the Hanita brand is innovation and in every way, these window films work to enhance, protect and add value to any structure to which they are applied‚Äďcommercial or residential. These films were developed In cooperation with leading window film professionals and international energy-efficiency providers, as a means of developing solutions to the world‚Äôs growing efficiency needs. The result is a film that is as powerful as it is beautiful and a truly revolutionary window film product.

Hanita SafetyZone Safty & Security Window Films

Hanita SafetyZone has been in development for over 30 years using field experience in Israel throughout the process. As a result, Hanita Coatings is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of safety and security window films and truly unparalleled in the security industry. Their¬†security solutions protect structures from government buildings to high end commercial real estate and residential homes to schools and universities around the world. True, SafetyZone¬ģ safety and security films are incredibly powerful but they are also equally as renowned for their optical clarity due to the high-grade polyester, Hanita‚Äôs proprietary technology employs. Their security films adhere to the very high standards of the international glass safety and deliver performance, price, and flexibility in all of their critically acclaimed films.

hanita safety zone

Hanita Architectural Window Films

Hanita Architectural window films provide any number of solutions to architects of commercial buildings and residential homes. This is because they offer a full line up of window films for any number of issues end consumers face. Whether you are looking for a glazing upgrade for your multi-million dollar high rise or UV protection for your Kansas City home, Hanita is a film you can count on to as a superb and lasting solution. Hanita has also developed a unique, liquid window film solution for plastic glazing;  perfect for difficult to coat areas that take a lot of wear and tear like skylights and roofing, walkways and shelters