Office window film offers Kansas City businesses an easy way to enhance windows and glass partitions. If you own or lease an office and would like to save money on your energy costs, energy-efficient window film can help. Decorative window film is perfect for changing the style of your office without the expensive costs and mess of remodeling. Need more privacy? If so privacy window film can give you the privacy you are looking for without losing all of the natural light.

If your office is located in a high crime area or is vulnerable to break-ins, security or loss prevention window film could help. If you own a building that needs to be secured, bomb blast window film can prevent explosions from breaking your windows. If you would like more information about office window films, simply give us a call!

Commercial Window Film


Many office buildings are designed with large windows that allow heat in during the summer and warm air out during the summer, making maintaining comfortable temperatures near impossible without constantly running your HVAC system. Energy efficiency window film can help. Other benefits of window film include UV protection as well as glare reduction. Many offices see an ROI within 3 years of installation.

If you have an office located in an area that’s in constant contact with the sun and is causing your floors and furniture to fade, window film can help. UV fade protection window film is a fast and economical answer to this problem.


As part of our policy of 100% transparency, Window Film Kansas City is happy to share resources regarding window film’s effectiveness including commercial case studies. If you’re interested in digging deeper into the statistics and data regarding office window film, case studies are a great place to start.

For example, before installing Vista UVShield window film, Gulf Power Company headquarters in Pensacola Florida had a bad glare problem. The nearby lake reflected the sun directly in their windows and onto the employees’ computer screens forcing them to use anti-glare screens just to use their computers. After installation not only was the glare problem fixed, they were also able to enjoy the fade protection benefits from their window film!

Window Film Benefits

Window Film Options for Kansas City Offices

Energy efficiency:

 Improve office comfort while saving money all year-round. Energy-efficient window film can reduce your energy costs while eliminating hot/cold spots throughout your property.


Block unwanted views into your office building with privacy window tinting. Perfect for first floor offices or offices located in close proximity to the street or other buildings, privacy film maintains optically clear views from the inside out.


Decorative film can be utilized for internal privacy concerns as well as a great way to improve visual branding and marketing efforts. From distraction safety markers to custom logos, we’ve got you covered.

Daylight redirecting: 

Redirect sunlight as deep as 40 feet into your property. Daylight redirecting film can improve morale and reduce absentee rates while lowering lighting costs.

Safety and security: 

Keep your office protected from natural disasters, break-ins, burglaries, severe weather, freak accidents, and more. Security film mitigates broken glass hazards, helping reduce the risk of injury while minimizing cleanup.

Glare reduction: 

Glare reduction window film makes screen-viewing activities much more comfortable by reducing headaches, squinting, and eye fatigue which are all caused by excessive glare.

UV protection: 

UV rays are harmful to your office furniture and employees as well. Stop UV radiation from fading furniture, flooring, art, and more. This also protects building occupants from serious health risks.


If your office suffers from vandalism, anti-graffiti film acts as a sacrificial layer for defending against graffiti, vandalism, and more.